Safety is a part of our tradition at United Signs & Signals Inc.

Safety is first and foremost in the eyes of all employees at United Signs & Signals Inc. From the corporate level all the way down the ladder we all take immense pride in our safety record and we strive each and every day to ensure a safe working environment for our employees and the public.

United Signs & Signals has the Training, Experience, Certifications to provide a safe enviroment for its employee's and the public.

We take no chances when it comes to safety, as the health and well being of our employees and the public are held in the highest regard. We consistantly make every effort to ensure that our staff and employees receive the best and most current training available. Here are a few examples of how we keep safety a top priority.

  • Daily Equipment Inspections
  • Strict PPE Enforcement Policies
  • Rigorous Training Schedules
  • Frequent Safety Assessment Meetings

A word from our Director of Safety.

After close to three decades of safety oriented work I take great pride in understanding and implementing safe work practices. Whether it is a daily meeting with different employees reviewing the safety aspects of highway construction or an in-depth on site review, I hope to take each moment as a learning experience for myself and the other employees of United Signs and Signals Inc.

Safety is job one is way more than a catchy slogan in my eyes. It means that each and every person on the jobsite is aware of the need to look out for themselves and one another, because at the end of the day when everyone is home with their families we all did our job.

Organizations that help us maintain a safe workplace

From training to regulations, these are the organizations that help us bring it all together. Thanks to them and the hard work of our staff and employees, we maintain a safe and productive work enviroment.

In 22 years of business we at United Signs & Signals have made every effort to ensure that our staff is properly trained and certified on the equipment that they operate. That is why we choose the quality and expertise of CICB training courses for our operators. Their thorough curriculum is led by certified instructors with real on the job experience. Meaning our operators get reliable information, hands on experience led instruction, and a piece of mind knowing they have been properly trained. Better training, safer work environment. That is our goal.

Since its beginning in 1970, OSHA has set forth and maintained policies and procedures to help ensure working man and women have a safe enviroment to work in. We at United Signs & Signals stand behind them 100%. We make it our mission to adhere to the guidelines and regulations OSHA places on the workplace. To us, it is not just something we have to do. It is something that we want to do.

The IMSA is one of the oldest associations of its kind, dating back to 1896. With a track record like that who wouldn't want to be a partner. Certifications, training, and testing. The IMSA helps us ensure that we have a safe and and productive enviroment for everyone.

Sunshine Safety Council Inc. offers a wide variety of training cousres for workplace safety. This coupled with their safety first mindset makes them an easy choice for training classes. They offer online and in classroom sessions. If you need them to come to you they can arrange that as well. We enjoy the flexibility, dedication, and resourcefulness of the Sunshine Safety Council for our training needs.